Our attorneys have the technical skills to understand your most complex technologies. The attorneys at S|U|M IP have many years of experience working with clients to understand their technology and business objectives to better craft patent solutions that add real value. We have assisted clients in patent prosecution matters including:

  • Mechanical Technologies
  • Electrical Technologies
  • Computer Hardware And Software
  • Manufacturing Systems And Methods
  • Building Products And Materials
  • Medical Devices
  • Consumer And Packaging Products
  • Communication Systems
  • Environmental Protection Technologies


S|U|M IP will help you obtain meaningful trademark protection associated with your commercial products, names or services.

Trademarks can be one of your most valuable assets. Obtain the right coverage.

  • Brand management can bring real value to your trademarks. S|U|M IP will work with you to understand your business goals when seeking trademark protection. We will assist you in identifying brand strategies, managing your domestic and international trademark portfolios, and enforcing your trademarks.
  • Name recognition can be a company’'s biggest asset if it is properly protected. S|U|M IP has the experience, creativity and tenacity to assist companies in choosing strong brand names, securing rights to those names and enforcing those rights when violated.
  • We also have the experience and relationships with law firms throughout the world necessary to effectively assist clients in making decisions regarding trademark protection in foreign countries.


The attorneys at S|U|M IP will work with you to protect your ownership in artistic and informative expressions. We can help you recognize valuable artistic, written, recorded or photographic works so that these valuable assets can be better protected.

IP Management

Outside Counsel as Inside Counsel

We are able to assist many of our clients in establishing invention disclosure procedures, internal IP teams, and other necessary infrastructure to improve patent procurement and portfolio development without the significant investment of an in-house patent attorney.

A great number of companies cannot afford a separate in-house patent attorney. However, this does not mean that they can afford to ignore the patenting process or the value IP assets bring to the company. The attorneys at S|U|M IP having been working with clients for years in getting the best of both worlds. We will work with you to strike the right balance between obtaining valued IP protection and minimizing costs to improve company value and revenue.

Opinions of Counsel

The attorneys at S|U|M IP are experienced in providing legal opinions of counsel, identifying and evaluating potential IP infringement, and evaluating and avoiding a competitor's IP. We provide legal opinions on issues of product clearance, infringement/non-infringement, and validity/invalidity.

International Practice

S|U|M IP uses select foreign associates around the world to assist in the filing and prosecution of patent and trademark applications outside the United States.

IP Enforcement

Our Litigation Philosophy and Expertise

The litigation team at S|U|M IP excels at delivering winning legal strategies in high-stakes disputes. Clients come to us for our depth of experience, technical knowledge and our creative and practical advice regarding all of their enforcement options. The attorneys at our firm have decades of combined experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants in intellectual property disputes before federal district and appellate courts, state courts and administrative agencies. 

Intellectual property litigation can be inherently unpredictable and expensive. However, at times it is necessary to protect a company's intellectual property or defend the company from legal claims by its competitors. Our attorneys combine their wealth of experience with a pragmatic approach to provide effective and efficient representation.

In today's legal and econonmic environment it is perhaps more important than ever to retain competent litigation counsel that remains focused on your business objectives and the most cost-effective means of achieving those objectives. We understand that “victory” can come in many different forms. Whether it is via early settlement, alternative dispute resolution, trial, or on appeal, we will represent you with your best interests and business objectives in mind. We work with our clients closely to evaluate the potential risks, opportunities and costs associated with various strategies for resolution, including litigation, mediation, arbitration, and negotiated settlements.

See some examples of our litigation experience

Experience in Administrative Proceedings

Clients also trust the attorneys at S|U|M IP to represent their interests before the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office in Inter Partes reexaminations, Ex Parte reexaminations, patent interferences, trademark cancellations and trademark oppositions. These proceedings require an attorney to think like a litigator, have a detailed understanding of the technology at issue, and successfully navigate the complex framework of the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office's rules.

Clients have benefitted from the ability of our attorneys to obtain rejection, cancellation and modification to claims at issue in lawsuits through the strategic, and often concurrent, use of Inter Partes and Ex Parte reexamination proceedings. The Attorneys at S|U|M IP have represented both patent owners and third party requestors (challengers) in over 25 reexamination matters.